Dear friends, from today onwards, we are expanding our rental battery service from 25 to more than 1,000 locations throughout Switzerland. We are extremely proud of the fact that we are making Switzerland the first country in the world to be fully covered by a rental battery network.

Have you left your smartphone charger at home again? From today on, you are able to rent one of our batteries, that are pre-charged with solar power, wherever you are in Switzerland. And this is awesome: you can return the battery at any of the 1,000 points of sale.


Going to 1,000 convenience stores

Ever since we started our battery rental service more than two years go, we have learned a lot: your feedback has always been very helpful to improve our service.

We have completely revised all of the service elements: we have a new battery model, new cables and a new logistics system. We have developed new apps for iOS and Android, as well as a chatbot.

Available at k kiosk, avec and P&B, the largest convenience store brands in Switzerland

(Almost) complete coverage in Switzerland, only the mountain tops in the alps stay untouched.

We are going from 25 k kiosk to all of them. On top we add all stores of Avec and Press & Books (P & B) in Switzerland which add up to more than a 1,000 shops. With the complete coverage in Switzerland, Battere has become much more convenient for you. Now you have 40 times more locations to rent the Battere from or give it back to.

It costs CHF 4.- to rent a pre charged power bank for a week

As before it costs CHF 4.- and this includes one week of rent. Added to this is a deposit of CHF 15. It is alright if you keep the battery longer than a week.

New: Four Cable types; including USB C

Four cable types are available: Micro USB and USB C for all Android, Windows and Blackberry devices. Lightning and 30-pin for all Apple iPhone variants

Battere always comes with a cable for the smartphone. Each store carries the four most common cable types for all iPhones (Lightning and 30-pin) as well as for all other devices (Micro-USB).

We also offer USB-C cables as more and more devices are now equipped with this new standard. When borrowing at the cash desk simply ask for your cable type.

Install the New App

If you do not want to pay in cash at the store, we have added the feature to pay via the Battere app. As before, you’ll always find the next one of the 1,000 battery points before you run out of power. Install now!