The Chimpy service is a success in Switzerland with a network of 1,200 rental points, more than one million battery rentals and happy customers all over the country. Since 2019, Chimpy is also available in Germany and Spain (Barcelona).

75% of the French population has a smartphone and uses it on average 2 hours a day. To run out of battery on the go is a very uncomfortable situation. We therefore decided to offer our external battery rental service in Paris to all smartphone users. We want to provide people with a charged phone when they want to take pictures, order a ride or call their friend when they are lost. 

Service available in Paris since early March
Since the beginning of March, Chimpy Powerbanks have been available in around twenty Parisian kiosks. The service is as easy as possible, no registration, no need to download an app.

– Customer Jean Jacques rents a Chimpy Powerbank in exchange for € 18 (€ 3 rental + € 15 deposit) for a week.

– Jean Jacques can return the Chimpy external battery used in one of the rental points. In return he gets back his deposit 

Paris: a digital city and circular economy
Paris is the European city with the largest number of sharing services: electric scooters, self-service bikes or shared cars. Parisians are more and more used to using services rather than buying. In line with this sustainable trend, Chimpy offers a service from this circular economy that meets a real need: Charge your phone during the day while moving and forget about the annoying sockets, that only steal your time and patience.

An excellent distribution network in existing kiosks
Paris has a dense network of kiosks ideally located in the city, which allows the user to always have a point of sale near him, to rent a Chimpy battery. The Chimpy battery rental service is an innovative service that kiosks in Paris are starting to offer, and which allows them to have an additional attractive product to offer to their customers.

“Paris is a cosmopolitan and dynamic city, with a particular interest in the services of the circular economy. It also has a large network of tobacconists and kiosks that offer more and more connected services reaching a younger target. This is why Paris was an obvious destination for us after Switzerland. Paris will not be the only city to offer the service on French territory. Also in Lyon, Marseille, Lille and Bordeaux as well, people should be able to count on a constantly charged phone.” explains Mirko Hofmann, co-founder and communications manager at Chimpy.

Sustainable initiatives
Paris is strongly committed to sustainable initiatives to make the city clean and autonomous, and among them, the reduction of pollution and carbon emissions. These initiatives are increasingly important for the inhabitants of Paris, but also for companies wishing to set up in the city. Since Chimpy shares the same vision and values, it’s a match on every level!. Our corporate culture is entirely focused on reducing the carbon footprint and the transition to renewable energies.

  • All Chimpy external batteries are recharged using certified Swiss solar energy
  • Our teams travel exclusively by train for European journeys.
  • We provide logistics using electric bikes.

Festivals and events
Chimpy is not exclusively present in major European cities. We also offer our service at music festivals, since the need for a charged smartphone is huge at festivals and we’re happy to fulfill this need. This year, the Covid-19 has postponed almost all of the festivals. We look forward to next year to offer our service again and “save” all of those guests who have run out of batteries.