After Hamburg and Berlin, we are now also drawn to other parts of Germany. More than a year ago we delivered the first Powerbanks in Hamburg, and shortly afterwards also in Berlin. And because it was so beautiful, we went straight on. Within a very short time hundreds of boxes were packed and shipped to the far corners of the country. Now you can find Chimpy Powerbanks in more than a hundred different German cities.

In the meantime we have built up a small fine team in Hamburg. This team takes care of the logistics and is happy to answer all your questions. Thanks to the new national possibilities, we now have a nationwide network consisting mainly of public transport stations. Everyone can borrow a striking green Powerbank for 3€ and return it to the location of his or her choice. You can find all locations in Germany in the map below.


I’m looking forward to traveling all over the country, enjoying the view from the train and seeing Powerbanks flashing from shop fronts at every station. I’ll probably start by renting one at each stop, just for the joy of seeing that Chimpy made it to Germany.

Greetings and see you soon,

Sara, Country Manager Chimpy Deutschland GmbH

PS: Do you have an important hint for us or are you missing a location on the map? Please feel free to contact us.