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Preloved Chimpys

It's the inner beauty that counts: Hello! Preloved Chimpys

It's the inner beauty that counts: Hello! Preloved Chimpys

Not every rental of our little green powerbanks passed them by without a trace. You can tell by looking at them, especially the grimy ones among them. But throw them on the electronic scrap because of a few scratches? Quite the opposite, because thanks to you they get to experience new adventures again and again. 

Long before the Corona age, it was already partying for with all sorts of people, rocking out at all kinds of open airs, getting scars and bruises in the process, until few days ago it once again found its way back to us: We’re talking about one of our powerbanks. One that has experienced a lot on its numerous adventures, one that is tough. We call such powerbanks Preloved Chimpys.

And the adventure continues

We are always very happy that most of our rental powerbanks come back to us undamaged. This is the only way to ensure that we can quickly supply you with 100% solar charged powerbanks again. Caring for the Sharing. But we also like to take care of the ones that come back to us a bit dirty. Like with all the others, we clean every single one of them. And you can believe one thing: we do our best to make even the dirtiest of returnees shine again. But on some stains even Mr.Clean himself would despair. Still, they work just fine and don’t belong in the trash just yet, in our opinion. And we think you’ll agree.

Preloved Chimpys now at the kiosk

After keeping our Preloved Chimpys in reserve until now, it’s time to share them with you. According to the Chimpy motto: “Use it as long as it works”, we want to bring our Preloved Chimpy Powerbanks back into circulation to give them a longer life and save valuable resources together with you. That’s why you can now rent our Preloved Chimpys at the kiosk. You can recognize them by a sticker… well, and probably also by their scratches. We love them for it. And hopefully you do too. Read more about the Preloved Chimpy Powerbank project at

Thank you for renting our Preloved Chimpys and helping to prevent waste!