Chimpy Powerbank now available at over 60 locations in Berlin – and growing

We are happy to announce that starting from today Chimpy powerbanks are available in Berlin. We have started with a network of 60 locations, mainly located at train and subway stations all over the city. We are adding new locations weekly. And we even launched a limited edition Chimpy powerbank just for Berlin.

Read the full annoucement in the German language blog post:

Chimpy Powerbank jetzt auch an über 60 Standorten in Berlin leihen

Rent at vending machines, return anywhere

Selecta’s automated vending machines are an important institution in Switzerland. Especially among the party people during night-time, when all the shops are closed, it is where you’ll still find something to eat and drink. You’ll get condoms, chewing gums and other items that might suddenly become important.

Rent at selecta, return anywhere


We are very happy to introduce our rental power banks at Selecta vending machines in Zurich. You rent a Chimpy at the vending machine, charge your phone on the go, and return it at every train station and k kiosk convenience store in Switzerland once you are back to 100%. Read the full story in our German language blog

Find all Chimpy locations in Zurich below

Chimpy Powerbanks now available in Hamburg

Starting from today, Chimpy powerbanks are available throughout the city of Hamburg.

City dwellers and commuters who run out of power while on the go, have now access to Chimpy’s rental powerbanks almost anywhere in Hamburg. This is possible due to a dense network of 50 and soon 100 partner PoS. They are located mainly at train and subway stations.

Read the blog post about the rollout in Hamburg by our co-founder Andreas (in German)