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Ciao! Un powerbank, per favore.

Ciao! Un powerbank, per favore.

Chimpy crosses the Alps and launches in Milano

Chimpy crosses the Alps and launches in Milano

« Who knows, maybe one day I can help you expand the network south of the Alps, » I told the founders when I applied for a post-graduate internship at Chimpy in September 2014. It was a long shot: Our startup was then in its very initial stage and had far more relevant issues to unravel. It took a lot of work, a good dose of dedication and also some self-denial: now, seven years and countless experiences later, we are ready to land in Italy.

In the past years we have built a network of more than 2’000 pickup and return points for our powerbanks in Europe: in major cities in Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain and Austria there is a simple powerbank sharing system with which people can charge their smartphones resource-efficiently and using only solar energy.

Chimpy Powerbanks in the first 60 edicole (news stands) in Milan

With Milan now begins our adventure in the Italian market. Chimpy powerbanks are now available in an initial network of 60 newsstands in the city: in the green and red subway, from Corso Garibaldi to Corso Genova. By paying 3 € and depositing a security deposit, our customers can solve the problem of the empty battery in an instant and conveniently.

Milan is a dynamic and frenetic city where the smartphone is essential in all aspects of daily life: the work call, the message to one’s partner, the bill for the aperitivo paid with the app. The true Milanese are never on low battery ─ with Chimpy, from today, they can really live up to this promise.

On a personal note, I’m excited about this launch in Italy. For our company this is the sixth national market and a further step towards becoming an established mobile solar power distributor in Europe. For me it’s a chance to live in the big city closest to where I was born and raised, which I still know so little about but am already getting very attached to. 

Salute, Milano! Cheers to a great start.

Edwin, COO Chimpy & Country manager Chimpy Italia

P.S. Do you have an important tip, would you like to partner up with us in Italy or just chat a bit? I am happy about every email.