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We put ourselves in the spotlight! Obviously.

We put ourselves in the spotlight! Obviously.

In Hamburg, we have revived an often neglected form of advertising art: the shop window installation. 

We put ourselves in the spotlight. In the shop windows of our wonderful kiosk partners in Hamburg, to be precise. And when we do that, we do it properly. We do it with oversized window displays. Because all of Hamburg should know: Battery problems have long been a thing of the past, even in Germany’s port metropolis. At least since we started on site in 2019. 

Even 50 Cent would go window shopping here 

What surprises us: Although hard to beat in terms of visibility, the creative possibilities of window advertising are hardly used outside the fashion industry. When the opportunity arose to design several shop windows for our distribution partner Press&Books in Hamburg, we gladly took the chance to exploit the potential of these spaces. The result is a real eye-catcher. In July, the large displays now shine in a unique look. By the way: only recyclable materials were used.

Handicrafts have to be learned

The credit for our funky shop windows goes not only to us, but also to our fantastic designers from regenholz Werkhub. At regenholz, the idea is to create innovative products, unique items, and small series as sustainably as possible under the local making concept. And as you know, we have also been committed to a sustainable product since our founding with our Circle Economy Service. It should be common knowledge by now that our power banks are also charged with solar power. “And if you don’t know, now you know…” Thanks, Biggie, we couldn’t have said it better.