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(all-rounder hacker)

Backend engineer

About Chimpy

At Chimpy, we make people happy by making sure their smartphone never runs out of battery. Customers rent our solar-powered batteries at over 2000 locations in Europe, charge their phone on the go, and return them anywhere when they’re done.
Our vision is to make renewable energy and sharing resources much more convenient. Renting solar-powered power banks is a first step in this direction.

Software Engineering at Chimpy

Chimpy is not your typical software company – we make our money with physical products. All this wouldn’t be possible without our software engineering team. Retailers, from large international chains to small Mom-and-Pop shops, rent out Chimpy powerbanks by using our software platform. Our internal refurbishing operations run smoothly thanks to our custom logistics software. Users find and rent Chimpys using our mobile apps. All this we do with a team of four amazing engineers, so your work really really really matters.

About the job

  • You work with a small but excellent team on software which helps make millions of people happy (who likes dead phones?) 🔋
  • Unlike in big companies, you don’t work on small irrelevant projects. Your contributions have a direct effect on the product our customers use. More than that, your opinion matters. A lot. 🌎
  • We value freedom. There are no fixed working hours, and people can choose to work from the office, from home, their favorite coffee shop, the train or on a boat. If you get your best work done on a boat, that’s what counts ⛵️(we still think some shared time in the office is important, so this is not a remote position)
  • We’re growing fast internationally and our software rental platform needs to grow with us. Your job includes to think about, design, and develop new features to support these growing needs. 📈
  • Obviously, you’ll be working closely with our CTO, Sag. People say he’s a fun guy. You’ll discuss software architecture & design, programming paradigms, infrastructure & technology choices. And of course, roll back your sleeves and implement these ideas, too. 👨‍💻

Your personal growth is key. Therefore, you won’t be presented with a fixed set of tasks, but based on your interests be able to focus and learn about new things, as well. Want to dabble with UX? Learn more about data analytics? Check out serverless computing? Hey, who are we to judge? 😃  

Our current tech stack
  • Backend services: Ruby / Rails and JS / Node
  • Frontend services: JS / React, JS / React Native (iOS & Android)
  • DevOps: GitHub, CircleCI, Heroku, AWS
  • Databases: Postgres, MongoDB, BigQuery

About you

Ideally, you have: 

  • Some experience in building web backend services. Preferably but not necessarily in Ruby / Rails or JS / Node
  • Some experience and / or a great interest in one or many of the following challenges: software design, software architecture, distributed data, micro-services, testing, reliability, scalability, maintenability, front-end engineering
  • A pro-active and can-do attitude, even if some of the challenges to face are completely new

Your future team mates

We are a young, motivated, ambitious and smart team (well, sometimes). But besides doing a job we love, we have fun together whenever and wherever we can. Here you can have a look “behind the scenes”.

Send us your application

Does it sound like a mission you’d like to spend your time on?

If yes, send us your application, with:

  • Something that helps us understand what you did before (CV or LinkedIn)
  • Something that helps us understand how you work and think (Github, projects, blogs, talks, etc.)
  • Something that helps us understand why you’re interested in working at Chimpy and why you’re the right person for the mission

The sooner you can start, the better. Although we understand if you have previous commitments 🙂

Write us at or just click on the button below.