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About Us

We want to keep you charged with solar power when you are on the go.

What originally started with the idea to recharge batteries for local companies, has now become the mission to power everyone conveniently with sustainable energy. On the go. Wherever you are. As the journey continues we will keep on going as long as the sun keeps shining. Promise.


Chimpy was founded to share batteries and make solar power convenient.
Powerbank rental service launched in 10 bars in Zurich, Switzerland.
Rollout Switzerland
Nationwide rollout to over 1000 locations in Switzerland.
In 2019, Chimpy expanded to Germany to launch in Hamburg first, then Berlin.
Chimpy is available in Barcelona, Spain, since Summer 2019.
Chimpy launched its powerbank rental service in Paris
Rollout Germany
Nationwide rollout to over 350 locations in Germany.
Chimpy launched its powerbank rental service in Vienna.
Station Launch
Chimpy launched its own power bank rental kiosks, called Stations, in 15 bars, restaurants etc. in Zurich.
Chimpy launched its powerbank rental service in Milan.
Selecta Rollout
Nationwide rollout to over 900 Selecta vending machines in Switzerland.
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Chimpy's Grand Plan

Zero Emission

At Chimpy we are dedicated to contribute to the transition towards 100% renewable energy and a circular economy while becoming a carbon-negative energy distributor. Read more.

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