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We put ourselves in the spotlight! Obviously.

In the shop windows of our wonderful kiosk partners in Hamburg, to be precise. And when we do that, we do it properly. We do it with oversized window displays.
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Sex, snacks and powerbanks

At the Selecta vending machine you trust, you can finally get everything you need to live.
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Madness! Chimpy gets a Wikipedia entry in Hamburg and you’ll never guess why!

You’ve always wanted to know how solar power in Germany gets into your green powerbank from Chimpy? Then you can support our petition for an exclusive “Sendung mit der Maus” episode here. Or you can simply visit our German headquarters in Hamburg.
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For f***’s sake, bring them back already!

Chimpy-Hoarders beware: in May you can return Chimpy powerbanks with expired deposits at the kiosk and still get CHF 3 for them.
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Chimpy Powerbank now in Tibits Restaurants

What Jalapeños have to do with Chimpy

We found out that over 60% of the Chimpy team eats a predominantly vegetarian or vegan diet. Obviously then, that we're especially celebrating our latest partnership: finally, Chimpy Powerbanks are available for rent at all Tibits restaurants in Switzerland!
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Preloved Chimpys

It’s the inner beauty that counts: Hello! Preloved Chimpys

Not every rental of our little green powerbanks passed them by without a trace. You can tell by looking at them, especially the grimy ones among them. But throw them on the electronic scrap because of a few scratches? Quite the opposite, because thanks to you they get to experience new adventures again and again.
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Chimpy is now also available in the Alps

What do Andermatt and Laax have in common? Correct, they are among the most beautiful ski resorts in Switzerland. And now they have something else in common: our Chimpy Powerbank vending machines.
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Simply refuel your mobile phone: Chimpy Powerbanks now available at APERTO filling stations

From now on, Chimpy Powerbanks are available to rent at a so-called station at 11 APERTO locations in Switzerland.
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Battery Watch instead of Baywatch

Battery Watch instead of Baywatch Battery Watch instead of Baywatch Anyone can save lives on the beach. But a battery in an emergency? Only Chimpy
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Recharge Your Summer

Weil zu jedem Sommer auch ein Sprung ins kühle Wasser gehört, haben wir es in diesem Jahr auf " die Spitze" die Brücke getrieben.
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