Power Bank Rental for Retail

Boost frequency and revenues at your points of sale with a novel smartphone charging service.

Watch the Movie

Rent a Chimpy

Charge on the Go

Return Anywhere

Easy to use:
Pick-up and start charging


+ Deposit: € 15.00

First week inclusive (suggested price).

The Chimpy App notifies users if battery is low
and drives traffic to your PoS

Partners & Customers

Let us show you…

  1. How your points of sale can tap into a new & proven revenue stream with Chimpy.
  2. How you‘ll increase frequency and create a “Cross-selling Machine”.
  3. Why Chimpy’s system outperforms every other power-bank-based system, disposable batteries or stationary charging solution.
  4. How easy it is for you to start with our turnkey solution.
  5. How to plug-in and ramp-up fast with Chimpy’s five years of experience.

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